i quite know that this will be the question running in the mind of so many. some people had approach me with it, some could not muster the courage to do so, while the rest hope to get the answer today. Yes The answer is here now.

The youth are the strength of a nation, leaders of today and hope for tomorrow. people often say “building the youth mean building the nation” hence we have to build Alifekede by building the community youth.

One of the essence of this summit is everyone to to the importance of Alifekede and why it is the duty of every youth to be a part of her progress. Alifikede is dying – almost left to desolation; our youth are no longer around. they have all gone away in search of greener pastures. after school no jobs available for our graduates; don’t you think this is a result of us not knowing what makes Alifekede special?

Most of our people prefer to live in the Boji-Boji metropolis. those who have money to build do so outside Alifekede. Some go as far as Benin City, Warri, Abraka, even when they are not based there nor have any business there. this is because they just see nothing here.

Alifekede can be great, things can swiftly turn around and we get our people to develop great affinity for their home country. First, I think we should know our root; who we are as a people and what we are made of. it is time we start asking question on our history. Also, I would say that it is not out of place for Alifekede community to have a repository of data about our past and plans for the future. We just need some documentation that can be available to anyone at any time. This also would help us know about the government is working on in the community and how the youth can key in to it; just something like an information house.

Going forward, we got to engage in continuous meeting like this where the development of our community would be the center of discussion. this would help analyze and passionately scrutinize the progress of community and i am glad to announce that by the grace of God, this youth summit is bound to be an annual event.

lastly,all of you here will agree with me that putting up an event of such magnitude is not an easy task,let alone for one person.Alifekede is for everyone of us and not for alone,in do not even hold any office or belong executive of any group in the community,hence i will need everyone to get on board as we trend this parts of progress instead of leaving it heavy on one man.

having said that,i want to state that the preparation for this summit has opened my eyes to alot which has helped me discovered those who actually have the interest of the community at heart and those fanning their egos,who are working for their pocket and their selfish political course.

to our leaders here,we appreciate your presence with us.we deemed it fit to invite you to join us in this summit because we strongly believe that for the society/community thrive,the government has to be involved.so we need your unalloyed help for alifekede to grow.



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